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Parkr is an app based corporate car park management tool which allows businesses and organisations to maximise the usage of their parking facilities.


In most organisations senior management are assigned parking spaces with junior members of staff being left to fend for themselves and often resulting in parking in facilities which aren’t near your place of work which can result in people being late for work and incurring parking fees.

With Parkr car parking space owner can release their assigned parking space to allow other people within the organisation to use these spaces and making them feeling more valued as employees.

See what Parkr can do for you

  • Easy to manage car parking spaces
  • Continues use of valuable ground space
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increased car sharing which will benefit your environmental policy
  • More efficient usage of car park
  • Cloud based admin system which also Space Owners to release and manage their parking spaces
  • Space User management to avoid space hogging
  • Space management analytics
  • Reserve and release spaces

Car Park Owner

This is the owner of the car park. They are responsible for the enforcement of the car park.

Space Owner

This is a person who rents a space from the Car Park Owner. They will typically pay a yearly rent to get access to the space whenever they require.

Space User

This is a person who doesn’t have a permanent car park space, but will typically drive to work, for example, and needs a space. There are spaces that are sometimes 5 - 10 minute walk from their destination, which are cheaper, but they fill up quickly. If there are no spaces left, they will be forced to park in a more expensive location, which could be up to £20.


It has provided a valuable resource to employees at our new offices. The web interface is simple to use and easily picked up by the admin team

Paul Bromsgrove
Business Solutions Analyst at Danone UK
Parkr mockup

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